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  Mission Statements of CIAI


Agenda for the conference of Republic of China Taiwan International Academic Exchange


Chapter 1 General Principle

 Term 1

The name of our conference is addressed as Republic of China Taiwan International Academic Exchange (abbreviation as our committee)

Term 2

Our committee is a non profit organization which follows the government regulation

The mission statement of our committee is as follows: we aim to increase the opportunity of interaction within academy field nationally and internationally. Our committee merges the diverse culture, social background and expertise in one place. Moreover, we hold several academic activities which enhance the depth of theoretical thesis in order to improve our academic status in the world. For example, cross cultural community, theoretical discussion, academic tour and publishing articles.

Term 3

Our committee addresses our administrative district as our district of the organization

Term 4

The physical address of our committee is located in the governmental organization operation; our committee would be allowed to branch the subsidiary after obtaining the approval from the governmental organization operation.

Term 5

The assignments of our committee are as follows:

1.      Holding several activities/ functions irregularly in order to increase the interaction among the academic professionals nationally and internationally.

2.      Encouraging teachers to participate the short term study tour, investigation and lecture. Moreover, our committee suggests each faculty to invite oversea scholars visiting our school for theoretical discussion, investigation and providing lectures. 

3.      Collecting various theoretical thesis and publishing the articles for scholars on the regularly basis.

4.      Aiming to obtain our mission statement and other proceedings.

Term 6

The governmental organization operation of our committee is as Department of the Interior. The purpose of our committee for the governmental organization operators is to follow the mission statement and assignment which is under the control of Department for Education. Our committee is under the guidance and supervisor of different governmental organization operators.


Chapter 2  Membership

Term 7

The requirements of the application for the membership

1.      Individual: Above 20 years old who is interested in theoretical study, investigation thesis or the one who is planned to establish self-development in academic field. The application is categorized into three memberships:

1.      Official Membership: for the person who has been qualified as a college lecturer or above

2.      Student Membership: for the person who currently studies in college and plan to do further academic study in future.

3.      General Membership: for the person who is interested in academic study and publishing articles, excluding of the official membership and students membership.


2.      Group: private/ public organization/association which approved our conference

3. Sponsor: sponsor our conference as individual or as a group

  The application form must be filled in when the member is applying for the membership, obtain the approval from a board of directors and the fees has to be paid.

 For the group membership, one representative is required in order to activate the privilege of the membership.

Term 8

Member (the representative of group) has the privilege to vote and being voted, to elect and to depose. Each representative has one vote. Sponsor member does not have the right as above.

Term 9

Member has the obligation to follow the constitution, making the resolution and paying the fees for the membership. Members cannot own the right of membership if the membership fees remain outstanding. Membership will be terminated automatically if the outstanding payment is more than two years. The penalty of outstanding payment is quit, to terminate the privilege of owing the membership and depriving of membership. Unless if the board of director has approved with the appropriate reasons; otherwise, the outstanding membership fees must be settled.

Term 10

The member (the representative of group) violates the regulation, constitution; and disobeying the resolution, with the approval from the board of director; the notice will be given and the penalty of terminating the privilege of membership will be given. The membership will be expelled if the violation affected the circumstance of the group.

Term 11

If member lost the privilege of owning the membership or being expelled from the committee, this is called as the termination of membership.

Term 12

Member must submit the written explanation in order to quit from the membership   


Chapter 3 Organization and Authority of Office

Term 13

The committee of representative has the highest principality in our committee.

If the number of the membership is above 300, the representative can be elected from each group (by ratio). The committee of the representative will be hold and the authority of office is appointed. The term of office for each representative is three years. The number of the assigned and the way of holding the election is drafted by the board of director. This must be approved by the governmental organization operators.

Term 14

The authority of office for the committee of representative is as follows:

1.      Draw and revise the constitution

2.      Elect and depose the position of director and supervisor

3.      Resolution for the entrance fees, annual fees, operational fees and total amount of donation.

4.      Resolution for the annual schedule, project, budget and final account.

5.      Resolution for terminating the representative of our committee.

6.      Resolution for the arrangement of the property

7.      Resolution for the dismiss of the committee

8.      Resolution for the privilege and obligation of the committee members and other significant proceeding.


Term 15: The committee is composed of 15 affair members, 5 auditors who are selected from members. There are general affairs, audit affairs teams. These members are selected from the members according the votes. Therefore, we selected back up members of each affairs in case of the affairs member who can not participate the meeting which will be replaced by other member.

Term 16: The authority of affairs members is as follows:

1.      Check up the qualification of members.

2.      Select or remove the board members.

3.      Determine the affairs member of to stay or quit the affairs job.

4.      To hire the job employee.

5.      To have a plan of work plan, report, operation budget and determine operation budget.

6.      To execute other affairs.


Term 17: The general affairs department is composed by 5 board affair members. The director is selected from these affair members and another vice director.

The director is responsible in charge of this committee and as the chairman of this committee. When the director can not implement the affairs which is replace by the vice director. When absent of director and vice director, it need to select a new director and vice director within one month.

Term 18: The authority of the auditor affairs is as follows:

1.      To surveillance of affair members of daily job process.

2.      Audit the annual budget.

3.      To select and fire the affair members.

4.      To determine the job of affair member retention or quit right.

5.      To surveillance other issues.

Term 19: The auditor member board set up one auditor to surveillance the daily job and as the chairman of auditor affair members. When the auditor can not implement the daily job, it required to select another member within one month to replace the director of the auditor to implement the daily job.

Term 20: The auditor, affair member are the no pay job. The duration of the job is three years. The board members can be consecutive of job affairs. The consecutive job is limited one term.

Term 21: When the following conditions happening, the board member is required resigned.

1.      Loss the qualification of member right.

2.      The resign of the board member has approved by the board member meeting.

3.      The job is required to resign by the board member request.

4.      The authority has been terminated over half years.

Term 22: The committee set up one general secretary to process the daily affairs. The rest of employee is appointed by the director of the member. The employee needs to report to governmental agency for audit. The job description is required the board member to define.

Term 23: The committee can set up various committee based on the duty demand. The operation rule and responsibility of committee needs to pass by the board member approval.

Term 24: The committee needs to hire other honor board members.

Term 25: The meeting can be classified as two kinds, one is regular meeting another is irregular meeting. The regular meeting is required to notice the member before 15 days of the meeting to held. The regular meeting needs at least one meeting annually. The irregular meeting needs at one of fifth of member requesting to held the meeting.

Term 26: The member can not participate the meeting. The member needs with written notification for other member as the agent to represent the meeting participation. Each member only can assign a member as the represent or to attend the meeting.

Term 27: The decision of the meeting issue is based on the member vote of over 50% represent’ vote. The changed, revised of the committee chapter which is required two third of member approval. To dismiss the committee is required two third of the members’ approval.

Term 28: The general affairs, auditor meeting is required to held a meeting at least within 6 months. Each meeting is required to notice by written notification to member before 7 days earlier to held the meting. All the decision of the issues on the meeting is required at least over 50 percent member approval by votes.

Term 29: The general affair members attend the meeting which needs to attend the meeting by himselves/herselves. If the general affair members did not attend the meeting over twice, the authority of the affair members will be terminated.

Term 30: The revenue of this committee is generated as following resources:

1.      Member fee: Individual member needs to pay 4 US dollars, member group needs to pay 35 US dollars as annual fee.

2.      Annual member fee: The member needs to pay 35 US dollars; student and general members need to pay 18 US dollars. Group member fee is 100 US dollars.

3.      Activity fees.

4.      Member donation.

5.      Governmental agency provides fund for academic operation.

6.      Funds.

7.      Other miscellaneous revenue.

Term 31: This committee is counting the calendar based on the starting date from 01/01 of each year to 12/31, end of the year which is not count based on Chinese lunar year.

Term 32: The annual affair plans are required to submit at the February of each year. This plan is including the budget, salary expense etc. After approval from the meeting, the budget, cashier reimbursement, credit and debit annual report is required to submit to governmental agency for surveillance purpose.

Term 33: When the committee is dismissed, all the property will be disposed by the governmental agency. 

Term 34: The regulation is not well completed at this committee which will be defined by the governmental agency’s regulations.

Term35: All the regulation is approval by the member, it will submit to governmental agency for surveillance.

Term 36: All the regulation was passed by 03/20/2007, the first member meeting, also it submit the internal administration department for surveillance, the case number is 0960052057.

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