Chinese International Academy Institute will hold the first session of fifth International Conference in October 30 
4th Conference of Supervisor Committee

2008/2/12 3rd International Conference on Information and Technology


  2008/03/10 New Trend Section established, analyze the trend of study abroad and further education.

    CIAI have co-operate with Eumerica Education Centre to provide complete study abroad information.

Application of CIAI is processing.

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     CIAI (Chinese International Academic Institute) was established in 2007 in accordance with the register file No. 09603003 of Ministry of the Interior.  We are a nonprofit corporation institution and we also are an accredited member of IACUE (International Association for College and University Education, the worldwide hallmark of excellence in education, and official member of AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business,Worldwide Classroom , DETCA (Distance Education and Training Congress of Accreditation ) and accredited by IDETC (International Distance Education and Training Congress ). The DETCA and IDETC Accrediting Commission defines, maintains, and promotes educational excellence in distance education institutions. The mission statement of our institution is as follows: we aim to increase the opportunity of interaction within academy field nationally and internationally. Our institution merges the diverse culture, social background and expertise in one place. Moreover, we hold several academic activities which enhance the depth of theoretical thesis in order to improve our academic status in the world. For example, cross cultural community, theoretical discussion, academic tour and publishing articles. The purpose of our institution for the governmental organization operators is to follow the mission statement and assignment which is under the control of Department for Education. Our institution is under the guidance and supervisor by various governmental organization departments.


Dr. Huang, Tsong-Liang, the Director of CIAI, currently is the Head of Department of National Taipei University of Education and Director of Graduate Institute of Information Science. Dr. Huang has published a number of well-known academic journal and articles.  In addition, the Former Chancellor of National Taipei University of Education, Dr. Chi-Ming Chuang (2007) was also the founder of CIAI; through their outstanding leadership, CIAI will be able to play a role of leader in the academic communities.  

    The structure of the organization is composed of 15 affairs members which selected from members. Moreover, we selected 5 general secretary members from the affairs members. One general secretary member role is as the chief member of the organization. The rest of 5 general secretary members role are as the auditors to supervise the organization operation. Those members are generated from academic, business and governmental organization members who fulfill with superior of academic backgrounds. Thus, the general secretary is selected to response the committee operation.

    This CIAI is fulfill with perfect professionalism, total assurance, high academic quality, completed responsibility to obey the law, sincerely service attitude and absolutely sincerity for the society.


1. Providing several activities/ functions irregularly in order to increase the interaction among the academic

    professionals nationally and internationally.

2. Encouraging teachers to participate the short term research tour, investigation and lecture. Moreover, our

    committee suggests each faculty to invite oversea scholars visiting our school for theoretical discussion,

    investigation and providing lectures. 

3. Collecting various theoretical thesis and publishing the articles for scholars are on the regularly basis.

4.Aiming to obtain our mission statement and other proceedings.

5.To assist students to communicate with foreign schools and other academic affairs.

6.To print academic journal, magazine with related advanced information.

7.To assist government agency to promote various academic activities.

8.To held the meeting with regular schedule of general affairs, audit and operational meetings.

9.To follow governmental policy, to integrate domestic and international academic information.

10.To promote academic information sharing activities.

11.To provide the convinence of international academic service.

12.To publish academic journal with regualar fixed schedule to promote academic information sharing and


    The following activities of CIAI to assist academic conference development of 2007 describe as follows:

1.   The 9 th conference of franchaise store operation and management research. Chin Wen institute of international conference hall, 03/22/2007.

2.   The 7 th International trading law and business development conference, National Chen Chi University International Conference Hall 1 Floor, 03/24/2007.

3.   The 5 th. Promote competition power of management operation of enterprises conference, Li Tai Management College, 04/27/2007.

4.   Taiwan tourism development trend and international marketing force conference, Ka Nan University, 05/11/2007.

5.   The 5th resource and environmental management conference, Li Tai Management college,05/2007.

6.   The sport business and management conference, Jen Li University,05/2007.

7.   The Taiwan tourism management conference, 06/2007.

8.   The English annually teaching skills conference, National Taiwan Normal University, 06/23/2007.

9.   The 53th navel sailing academic conference, China shiping academic conference, 07/2007.

10. The 3th digital international broadcast academic conference, Chun Chen University 07/2007.

    CICA Organization structure:


    The CICA is an non profit organization, the revenue is including member fee, advertisement fee and other research funds. The major expense is salary expense, office suppliers, renting and journal publishing fee. Currently, the revenue can afford all the expense. The annual revenue is US. 30,000.

    The CICA has lot of resources of academic, government, enterprises human resources. The CICA can help governmental agencies, academic department to held various of conference and academic activities in order for knowledge sharing.

    The CIAI utilizes all various of human resources and equipments, internal and international colleges and universities to create academic knowledge sharing and thesis publishing affairs and promote the interchange the international scholars and academic knowledge sharing.


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